sabato 13 giugno 2015

Tribute to Warsore - V/A Compilation 10"

V/A "Tribute to WARSORE" 10 "

COMPULSION TO KILL "Burial ground"-Malaysia
GANGRENOUS PENIS "Filed species-Australia
TERSANJUNG 13 "Brutal reprisal" -Indonesia
FAXE "Crude stench of progress"-France
AFTERSUNDOWN "bastardized "-Indonesia
AGANEMON PROJECT "Industrial suicide"- Brasil
PULMONARY FIBROSIS "0,002 Second"-France
MIXOMATOSIS "you rape , you die"Spain-
BLOODINGTON "Open wound"-Uk
POS SISMO "Cops Make Good Targets"-Brasil
HOMICIDE "Voice Of The Voiceless"-Brasil
LxDxT "Destroy All Monsters"-Usa
HYPEREMESIS "Derstroy all monsters"-Usa
CASTRATION RITE "Social Parasite" -Usa
CONTROLLED EXISTENCE "Slave formation"-Czech Rep
G.o.D. "Burial Ground"-Canada
DEBACLE "Dole cue fuck you"-Australia
FINAL CUNT "Bitter end"-Spain
FUCK THE FACTS "Thief"-Canada
DECOMPOSING SERENITY "Melbourne Hillbillies"-Australia
TWISTED TRUTH "Veg etarian barbarian"-Czech Republic
INSOMNIA ISTERICA "Sinking in shit" -Switzerland
OXIDISED RAZOR "Sociopath"-Mexico
SNUFFX "Just Another Stab In The Back"-India
SYNTAX "Stop posing and kill some one" -Usa
LIVSTID "Killing field"-Norway
LAKEI "Cops Make Good Targets"-Norway
VIOLENT RESTITUTION "Choking on Stress" -Canada
ALEA LACTA EST" Social parasite" -Slovakia
TRIGGER "Nauseating Rich Arseholes"-Germany
SETE STAR SEPT"Blunt Trauma" -Japan
GROTESCO "Ritual Hate"-Brasil
CAMPHORA MONOBRAMATA "substance abuse"-Russia
PARALYZED SOCIETY "Decpmposed"-Holland
36 bands from 19 countrys
Oficall labels:
Extreme Terror Production(NL)
Grind Father Production(Uk)
Rotten Gorol Production (HolLand)
Sekac Production (Slovakia)
NO Bread records(Russia)

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